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Seven Essential Steps to Vulnerability Management: Learnings from the Ivanti Exposures  

In light of the most recent Ivanti vulnerability, the importance of a robust vulnerability management strategy and incident response plan has never been clearer.  The Ivanti vulnerabilities, particularly CVE-2024-22024, unveiled on February 8th, 2024, serve as a stark reminder of the relentless nature of cyber threats. These vulnerabilities, which allow unauthenticated, remote attackers to access […]

Five Predictions on the State of Cyber Claims in 2024

Unravel the complexities of cyber risk with the 2023 Mid-Year Claims Report by Resilience. Dive into our analysis and predictions for the cyber insurance industry in 2024, including the pivotal role of AI and regulatory changes.

Knowing Your Risk Surface: A Risk-Focused Approach to Incident Response

After decades of more damaging and less predictable cyber attacks, modern cybersecurity practitioners have recognized the critical need to incorporate more risk-based approaches to their planning efforts. However, despite the continuing advances within the cybersecurity field, analytics firms are noting record years for cybercriminals and breaches against some of the most well-defended organizations in the […]

Top Three Trends on Cyber Resilience from The World Economic Forum

With generative AI dominating the conversation at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos this year – a massive 32 sessions in total – it’s easy to overlook another topic that was the focus of WEF’s 2024 Global Cybersecurity Outlook: Cyber Resilience.  The term has taken on a new importance in 2024 as enterprise […]

Do you Need Human Brains to make AI Useful in Cybersecurity?

As the world advances with data processing and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities at a mind-boggling pace, we might feel as if humans are becoming obsolete. This is certainly the question of an endless series of articles that have clogged our inboxes since the release of ChatGPT publicly in late 2022. Maybe this development is a […]

Case Studies

Case Study: Manufacturing

Rapid Response and Strategic Solutions Minimize Disruptions for a Hardware Manufacturer

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Case Study: Automotive

Improving your security should improve your coverage. 

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Case Study: Local Gov’t

Focused and targeted incident response and management reduces the impact of an attack 

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The Building Cyber
Resilience Podcast

Tune-in to learn how a risk-driven approach can help make organizations and enterprises more resilient to cyber threats.
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12:12:50 min

Episode #10: Cyber Resilience By Design

Travis Wong, Resilience’s VP of Customer Engagement, and Tas Jalali, Head of Cybersecurity at AC Transit, discuss cyber insurance and business objectives.
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Building Cyber Resilience Podcast Episode 9 Featuring Guests Jeanette Manfra and Jeff Greene
19:12 min

Episode #9: Nation-State Cyber Risk’s Impact on the Private Sector

Jeanette Manfra, Director of Risk and Compliance at Google Cloud, and Jeff Greene, Senior Director of Cybersecurity Programs at Aspen Digital, explore creating security in an ever-evolving cyber-landscape, AI, and prioritizing cybersecurity from the foundation.
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06:24 min

Episode #8: Exploring Public Cyber Policy and Incentives for the Private Sector

Jacquelyn Schneider, Director of the Hoover Wargaming and Crisis Initiative, and Davis Hake, Co-Founder and Vice President of Policy at Resilience, discuss how private and public sectors influence and implement emerging cyber-security policies.
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00:00 min

Episode #7: Will AI replace the underwriter?

Bryce Goodman, Chief Strategist of AI/ML for the US Department of Defense, and Chris Finan, CRO of Symmetry Systems Inc., talk about using AI for cyber attacks and how it affects defensive roles in security.
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09:20:02 min

Episode #6: Data Privacy. What is security? What is compliance? What is big brother?

Sheila Jambekar, Chief Privacy Officer at Plaid, and Michael Phillips, Cyber Practice Leader, USA at CFC, discuss the human element at the forefront of security innovations and policies.
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01:45:36 min

Episode #5: Data and the DarkWeb. What is it, where is it, and why should we care?

Alison Connolly Halland, DarkOwl’s CBO, and Andrew Bayers, Head of Threat Intel at Resilience, discuss the ways data is collected on the darknet and the tools protecting business information.
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01:55:12 min

Episode #4: The Art and (Data) Science of Crypto Security Analytics

Eric Jardine, Cybercrimes Research Lead at Chainalysis Inc., and Victor Fang, Co-Founder and CEO of AnChain.AI, demystify blockchain technology.
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06:56:01 min

Episode #3: Threat Hunting In The Cloud for Fun and Profit

Anuj Malkapuram and Anton Chuvakin discuss the role machine learning has in threat management and the skills needed in new cybersecurity hires.
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01:13:36 min

Episode #2: Breach Science

Wade Baker and Dave Highlander, the minds behind Verizon’s Data Breach Investigation Report, discuss measuring risk and analyzing cyber breach data.
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