Episode #7: Will AI replace the underwriter?

Bryce Goodman, Chief Strategist of AI/ML for the US Department of Defense, and Chris Finan, CRO of Symmetry Systems Inc., talk about using AI for cyber attacks and how it affects defensive roles in security.

by Nikhil Chawla

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Episode #7: Will AI replace the underwriter?

Underwriting is both art and science. It’s also qualitative and quantitative. Indeed, it’s objective and subjective. Underwriters are not unlike the baseball scouts in Moneyball. They consider run of the mill statistics like runs batted in, on base average and myriads of other data. They also consider countless subjective factors. They were awful. Billy Bean (the A’s GM) brought in a statistician. What happened? The Oakland A’s achieved the longest consecutive game winning streak in history. It holds strong to this day. Unfortunately, the A’s haven’t retained their edge. All teams have their quants now. And scouts have persisted. So, what will be the fate of the underwriter? Will they persist like the scouts, or are they headed for a ChatGPT enabled demise?

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