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Don’t just be cyber insured or cyber secure. Be Cyber Resilient.

At Resilience, we’re on a mission to make the world cyber resilient to material losses by helping organizations stay ahead of the bad guys.

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of Resilience clients who were ransomware victims avoided paying a ransom in 2023 vs. 71% industry-wide.


fewer losses were incurred by Edge Solution clients compared to our overall client base.


of Edge solution clients avoided claims with incurred costs in 2023.

It’s time for a new way to manage cyber risk.

Our Approach

1:1 Ratio of Underwriters to Cybersecurity Experts

Unparalleled in the insurance industry, cybersecurity at Resilience isn’t an afterthought or a bolt-on, but is core and foundational.

Cyber Risk Quantification Backed by Real Loss Data

Industry’s first peril-based risk quantification models that are informed by real-world data to deliver true ROI-prioritization of controls.

Industry’s First Risk Operations Center

Cross-functional intelligence capability to help organizations proactively and precisely hunt and remediate the most financially damaging threats before they strike.

One Solution.
Three Ways to Build Cyber Resilience.

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Essential Solution for
Cyber Insurance

The most effective loss prevention solution in the market.

(Available for Primary and Excess clients)

Edge Solution for
Cyber Risk Management

The only solution that financially prioritizes your cyber risk with real loss data.

+ All Essential Solution Features

Technology E&O

Available for US-based companies between $300M and $10B in revenue.


2023 Claims Report shows the Impact of Cyber Resilience

The Resilience Mid-Year 2023 Claims Report shows a shift in the cybercrime market as clients continue to grow their resilience to ransomware.
  • Only 15% of Resilience clients who were impacted by ransomware needed to pay an extortion, half the average rate seen in the market.
  • Big Game Hunting by ransomware actors is back as criminals are pressured by declining extortions payment.
  • Third party vendors are being leveraged to launch encryption-less extortion, as seen in the MOVEit attacks.
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Stay ahead of your cyber risk with the latest intel on threats, best practices, and more.

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Breach and Attack Simulations: A Proactive Approach to Loss Prevention 

Breach and Attack Simulations: A Proactive Approach to Loss Prevention 

Today’s CISOs and risk managers need to see around corners to proactively reduce risks before they turn into losses. Increasingly, CISOs also answer directly to the board of directors. No matter how tight you think your controls are or how big your budget is, I promise you things are happening in your environment that you […]

The Rise of The Cyber Resilient Leader

The Rise of The Cyber Resilient Leader

To be successful in this digital economy, a company must now be Cyber Resilient and integrate its risk mitigation, risk acceptance, and risk transfer so it can take a hit without impacting its ability to deliver value.

Help us rewrite the
rules of cyber risk.

Come and be part of our worldwide team of cybersecurity, underwriting, data science, engineering, and client success professionals as we work together to help companies achieve Cyber Resilience.

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Cyber Resilience starts here.

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