Don’t just be cyber insured or cyber secure. Be Cyber Resilient.

Resilience helps organizations balance their risk acceptance, mitigation, and transfer, so they can assess, measure and manage their cyber risk in an integrated and efficient manner.

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It’s time for a new way to manage cyber risk.

Our Approach

Advanced Cybersecurity Visibility

Proactive, vigilant analysis of every threat and vulnerability in real-time, prioritizing those that truly matter to your business while reducing false positives

Accountable Risk Transfer

Comprehensive cyber insurance coverage tailored to meet your specific needs, built from advanced cyber risk quantification models and delivered with contract certainty and 24/7 incident management

Actionable Cyber Hygiene

An ROI-prioritized action plan based on your company’s specific risk profile including governance, user education, compliance, and security posture review

One Solution.
Three Ways to Build Cyber Resilience.

The Resilience Solution offers three packages based on the complexity of your organization’s cyber risk

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Comprehensive cyber insurance connected with advanced cybersecurity

(Available for Primary and Excess clients)


One place to track, translate and transfer your organization’s cyber risk

+ All Essential Features


Risk management solutions tailored to meet your organization’s cyber complexity

+ All Edge Features


2023 Claims Report Shows The Impact of Cyber Resilience

The Resilience Mid-Year 2023 Claims Report shows a shift in the cybercrime market as clients continue to grow their resilience to ransomware.
  • Only 15% of Resilience clients who were impacted by ransomware needed to pay an extortion, half the average rate seen in the market.
  • Big Game Hunting by ransomware actors is back as criminals are pressured by declining extortions payment.
  • Third party vendors are being leverage to launch encryption-less extortion, as seen in the MOVE it attacks.
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Stay ahead of your cyber risk with the latest intel on threats, best practices, and more.

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Improving your security should improve your coverage. 

Improving your security should improve your coverage. 

Context:  This company in the automotive industry came to Resilience looking for an adequate cyber insurance policy. Initially, they did not plan to implement a new set of security tools, employed a small IT staff who only dedicated around 20% of their time to security, and did not budget for a larger investment in their […]

Cyber insurance should tell you how much to invest in cybersecurity

Cyber insurance should tell you how much to invest in cybersecurity

Introduction:  Our client in the distribution industry was relatively small but had a complex business model with a number of critical SaaS providers that they depended on for their day-to-day operations. The company had trouble determining how much insurance coverage they should purchase as peer benchmarks didn’t account for the complex nature of their risk, […]

New tech is not a trade-off for cybersecurity 

New tech is not a trade-off for cybersecurity 

Introduction:  This K-12 educational institution came to Resilience early in the COVID-19 pandemic, when the use of Chrome books for students was a lifeline to continuing education from home. The institution required a dramatically complex IT environment where Google classroom was used for education and Microsoft was used for administration which would be challenging to […]

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