Be Cyber Resilient. Not just cyber insured.

Resilience is the next-gen cyber risk company that’s on a mission to help middle-to-large market enterprises become cyber resilient.

Next-gen enterprises must be cyber resilient.

Forward-thinking organizations are becoming cyber resilient by connecting their insurance coverage with advanced cybersecurity visibility and organization-wide cyber hygiene. The more secure you are, the broader your coverage and lower your premiums.
Why Resilience

Risk Transfer

Comprehensive cyber insurance to meet your needs, built from advanced risk quantification models and delivered with contract certainty & 24/7 incident management.

Cybersecurity Visibility

Proactive, vigilant analysis of every threat and vulnerability in real-time, prioritizing those that truly matter to your business and reducing false positives.

Cyber Hygiene

Action plan based on your company's specific risk profile, including governance, user education, compliance, and security posture review.

Our Products

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Cyber Insurance Policy
A comprehensive cyber policy tailored to meet your business needs
Feature Highlights
  • Market-leading coverage extensions based on the validation of security controls.
  • Contract certainty with no surprises
  • Cutting-edge expertise to guide through incident response
Cyber Primary Care Program
Strengthen the right security controls and improve risk profile for your insurance
Feature Highlights
  • Tailored Cyber Incident Action Plan for specific risk and identified threats
  • Vulnerabilities ranked based on industry specific threats with prioritized security controls
  • Conduct quarterly incident response drills that engage IT and business leaders for a holistic incident recovery
Cyber Risk Quantification
Quantify cyber risk to keep it within tolerance and cost within reason
Feature Highlights
  • Quantitative risk analysis that spans business portfolios
  • Risk and budget prioritized roadmap for cyber planning
  • Predictive alerts that help keep risk within stakeholder tolerance

Our Backers

Proudly backed by A+ rated insurance capacity partners in North America and the UK.

Resilience is rewriting the rules of how cyber risk is managed. Here's how.

Join Our Mission

We are constantly redefining the standard by which companies achieve cyber resilience - and we’d love your help. Join our global team of cybersecurity experts, insurance innovators, and dedicated business operations professionals.
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