Case Study: Manufacturing

Rapid Response and Strategic Solutions Minimize Disruptions for a Hardware Manufacturer


In the landscape of hardware manufacturing, digital infrastructure intertwines with physical operations, creating vulnerabilities to cyber threats. Relying on interconnected systems like ERP and production databases makes manufacturing companies susceptible to severe cyberattack disruptions.

The Challenge:

A publicly traded manufacturing company faced a critical ransomware attack, encrypting vital file servers, including production databases, and backups. With data exfiltration activities also detected, the company was under immense pressure to restore operations while navigating technical complexities and severe disruptions to manufacturing and distribution.

The Solution:

Resilience swiftly mobilized a response team comprising experts in privacy law, technical forensics, and ransom negotiation. Leveraging industry-specific knowledge, Resilience guided the company through the rapid incident response, and we introduced experts who rapidly deployed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology to prevent further encryption. Additionally, Resilience facilitated engagement with a ransom negotiator, leading to a significant reduction of ransom demand by 85%. 


Resilience’s swift intervention in the manufacturing ransomware incident resulted in significant outcomes, underscoring the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures and comprehensive insurance coverage. Their actions led to an impressive 85% reduction in the ransom amount, alleviating financial strain on the company. Through tailored advice and proactive strategies, downtime was minimized, enabling swift recovery of operations. Furthermore, collaboration with Resilience reinforced the company’s resilience against future threats, emphasizing the significance of strategic partnerships and robust risk management practices. In conclusion, this incident highlights the critical need for proactive cybersecurity measures and insurance coverage. Resilience’s expertise not only mitigated immediate impacts but also fortified long-term resilience, showcasing the value of rapid response and collaborative risk management in safeguarding against cyber threats and ensuring operational continuity.

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