Rewriting the Rules of Risk

Through our tailored security tools, modular insurance policies, and actionable cyber hygiene plan, these organizations became more than cyber-covered or secured; they became cyber resilient.

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Case Study: Manufacturing

Rapid Response and Strategic Solutions Minimize Disruptions for a Hardware Manufacturer

Background:  In the landscape of hardware manufacturing, digital infrastructure intertwines with physical operations, creating vulnerabilities to cyber threats. Relying on interconnected systems like ERP and production databases makes manufacturing companies susceptible to severe cyberattack disruptions.

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Case Study: Automotive

Improving your security should improve your coverage. 

Context:  This company in the automotive industry came to Resilience looking for an adequate cyber insurance policy. Initially, they did not plan to implement a new set of security tools, employed a small IT staff who only dedicated around 20% of their time to security, and did not budget for a larger investment in their […]

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Case Study: Local Gov’t

Focused and targeted incident response and management reduces the impact of an attack 

Context:  This client with the local government came to Resilience looking for strong insurance coverage to supplement their investment in cyber security. Through our proactive onboarding process, we identified their need for an incident response plan and provided them with our template. Our team tailored recommendations for best practice incident management. We introduced the client […]

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Case Study: Distribution

Cyber insurance should tell you how much to invest in cybersecurity

Introduction:  Our client in the distribution industry was relatively small but had a complex business model with a number of critical SaaS providers that they depended on for their day-to-day operations. The company had trouble determining how much insurance coverage they should purchase as peer benchmarks didn’t account for the complex nature of their risk, […]

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