Episode #3: Threat Hunting In The Cloud for Fun and Profit

Anuj Malkapuram and Anton Chuvakin discuss the role machine learning has in threat management and the skills needed in new cybersecurity hires.

by Richard Seiersen , Chief Cyber Resilience Officer

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Episode #3: Threat Hunting In The Cloud for Fun and Profit

Security practitioners, particularly incident responders, are awash in data. Historically, security event management (SEM) and in the last decade security information event management (SIEM) has been the industry’s response to getting signal from big and fast moving data. Think of signal as finding the needle in the haystack. The problem really is that there are too many needles. So, it becomes the needle in the needle stack. Meaning, there are so many alerts firing off…you don’t know which one matters. Advancements in analytics like machine learning coupled with the cloud (scale) have the promise to help.

Anton is the leading voice on this topic as an analyst now product leader at Google. Anuj is the person in the salt mines fighting the good fight. He runs one of the largest security analytics orgs in the world as SFDC. He also represents a modern threat hunter…who bring security, software development and data science together. The represent two sides of one “security information and event management” coin so to speak.

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