Rewriting the Rules of Risk

Through our tailored security tools, modular insurance policies, and actionable cyber hygiene plan, these organizations became more than cyber-covered or secured; they became cyber resilient.

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Case Study: Technology

Past failure is not an indicator of future risk

Context:  A company in the tech and security industry experienced a data breach. They were in the business of protecting people’s homes, and their systems were compromised. After the incident, they could not find reasonable insurance coverage while shopping in the open market. Traditional insurance organizations needed to understand their risk profile. They did not […]

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Case Study: Energy

It’s never too late to begin your cyber resilience journey. 

Introduction This organization in the energy industry was a Resilience insurance client who engaged our baseline insurance package. During the course of their policy, they experienced multiple cyber incidents which would affect their insurability at renewal. They had not invested in their cybersecurity tools which led to a large external attack surface, primed for multiple […]

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