Rewriting the Rules of Risk

Through our tailored security tools, modular insurance policies, and actionable cyber hygiene plan, these organizations became more than cyber-covered or secured; they became cyber resilient.

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Case Study: Food Production

Cyber risk is simplified when you manage security and insurance holistically

Introduction: This client in the food manufacturing industry was just beginning to make the necessary investments in their cybersecurity efforts. They were also interested in implementing a basic risk transfer solution. Despite a willingness from the client to improve their cybersecurity posture, no markets were willing to quote the account.

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Case Study: Manufacturing

You can insure the previously uninsurable if you understand their risk profile. 

Context:  A company in the manufacturing industry had just become an insurance client of Resilience. It was one of the first policies Resilience had issued. Before we were able to have our onboarding call, they were hit with a ransomware attack. 

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Case Study: Finance

When cybersecurity and cyber insurance work in tandem, 20% security effort can deliver 20X risk transfer

Introduction: A company in the finance industry came to Resilience with the goal of adopting our holistic approach to cyber risk and utilizing targeted security controls to qualify for better coverage. The company was small, with a small IT staff who only dedicated approximately 20% of their time to cyber security. They had minimal security […]

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Case Study: Textiles

Security Products and Stronger Coverage need to communicate in order to make the most of the benefits of each. 

Introduction This organization in the textile manufacturing industry suffered multiple ransomware incidents within a 24-month period.  Despite working to improve their security post-incidents, their options for feasible coverage were poor. They came to Resilience hoping to make targeted improvements that would help them qualify for ransomware coverage, despite their history. 

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