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Don't just be cyber insured or cyber secure. Be Cyber Resilient.

Resilience helps organizations assess, measure, and manage their cyber risk by balancing their risk acceptance, mitigation, and transfer.

Move From Cyber Secure to Cyber Resilient.

At Resilience, we help organizations achieve Cyber Resilience by balancing their risk acceptance, risk mitigation, and risk transfer so they can assess, measure, and manage their cyber risk all in one place.
Why Resilience

Advanced Cybersecurity Visibility

Vigilantly monitor internal and external cybersecurity controls supported by in-house threat intelligence specialists and scenario planning models.

Accountable Risk Transfer

Comprehensive coverage built for the dynamism and complexity of cyber, with improved coverage, limits, and retention based on ongoing engagement.

Actionable Cyber Hygiene

Prioritized guidance tailored for your company's specific risk profile including governance, compliance, and security posture review.

The Resilience Solution

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Comprehensive cyber insurance connected with advanced cybersecurity visibility (available for Primary and Excess clients)
Feature Highlights
  • Streamlined & comprehensive policy that covers costs, loss, and liability
  • State of Your Risk Analysis summarizes and quantifies your comprehensive cyber risk profile
  • Ongoing visibility into external attack surface risk and dark web exposure, analyzing over 180 signals
  • Expert-triaged threat alerts personalized and prioritized for individual business attributes
  • An incident response and lifecycle management plan
One place to track, translate, and transfer your cyber risk
Feature Highlights
  • Built-in interactivity to enable secure collaboration and accurate exposure validation
  • ROI-quantified action plan to translate cybersecurity controls and threats to financial risk
  • Improved coverage, limits, and retention at mid-term based on ongoing engagement
  • Vendor cyber risk analysis for up to 15 vendors
  • Quarterly meetings with industry-leading cybersecurity and cyber risk engineers
Bespoke cyber risk management solution for complex IT environments
Feature Highlights
  • API-Integrated continuous risk assessment and controls monitoring of internal and external attack surface
  • Holistic third-party vendor risk assessment for up to 100 vendors
  • Dynamic risk transfer for your evolving risk posture
  • Industry-first Cyber Risk Modeling Lab for scenario and investment planning
  • Advisory services with industry-leading cybersecurity and risk engineers

Why Resilience?

We're proudly backed by market-leading global Property & Casualty carriers with A+ paper.

Resilience is rewriting the rules of how cyber risk is managed. Here's how.

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