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Introducing The Resilience Solution

A New Way to Manage Cyber Risk

by Laura Hiserodt , Staff Writer

69% of Business Organizations find their risk preparedness ineffective in managing widespread cybercrime and cyber insecurity risk, according to the World Economic Forum.

At Resilience, we believe organizations need a new way to assess, measure, and manage their cyber risk. Our approach enables finance, risk transfer, and security leaders to align and prioritize informed decision-making for investments around security controls and risk transfer. We call this alignment of objectives Cyber Resilience.

The Resilience Solution

To help our clients achieve Cyber Resilience, our experts in security, claims, underwriting, and risk modeling came together to create our newest product offering. The Resilience Solution is a comprehensive approach to managing cyber risk, designed to foster continuous improvement of an organization’s Cyber Resilience. Connecting risk transfer to advanced cybersecurity visibility and an actionable cyber hygiene plan gives risk, cybersecurity, and financial leaders a significantly easier and more efficient way to tackle their cyber risk holistically.

Over the last two years, the Resilience model has proven that organizational security is increased dramatically by building a holistic approach to managing this risk. 100% of Resilience cyber risk solution clients impacted by ransomware were able to avoid paying extortions in 2022. In the same period, clients overall were twice as resistant to extortion demands compared to the industry average.

“Despite growing investment into insurance and cybersecurity, the cost of cybercrime is outpacing defensive measures,” said Vishaal “V8” Hariprasad, CEO of Resilience. “We set out to address this widening gap and realized that companies must fundamentally rethink how they approach risk. The Resilience Solution ensures that cybersecurity practitioners and insurance teams speak the same language. The result: cyber risk is becoming predictable and manageable for businesses, like never before.”

The Resilience Solution excels at cyber risk identification, assessment, control, and financing. Baseline features surpass what risk managers can currently obtain elsewhere in the marketplace.

The Resilience Solution now includes five key integrated benefits that every customer will receive:

Financially-Proven AI Platform

Our platform is designed to run accurate risk assessments on your organization’s data through AI modeling optimized for loss reduction from collective intelligence. The platform provides ongoing, API-integrated attack surface scanning from 180+ signals, multi-cloud environment monitoring, and cutting-edge impact analysis of cyber risk for our most engaged clients.

Quantified Action Plan

Our experts create tailored and actionable cyber hygiene protocols to guide our clients toward stronger cyber resilience. These plans are carefully crafted and consider both the financial and technical challenges of your organization’s unique cyber risk. We offer State-of-Your-Risk comprehensive reports summarizing your organization’s risk profile and State-of-your-Vendor’s-Risk reports for up to 15 vendors. Our quantified action plan generates a personalized and ROI-prioritized risk mitigation plan that translates cybersecurity threats into financial risk, meeting industry standards and reducing loss at the lowest cost.

Human-in-the-loop Partnership

Our expertise is one of our strongest assets. With experts who collectively have over 100 years of cybersecurity experience across government and private sectors, our team is backed with the knowledge and talent to manage any complex cyber scenario. Our integrated claims and incident management teams are available 24/7, and our in-house cybersecurity and cyber risk specialists will guide your team in building a strong risk profile. We also offer table-top exercises tailored to your organization, a Cyber Risk Modeling lab to predict real-world impact scenarios and expert-triaged threat alerts that are personalized and prioritized for your business

Responsive Policy

Our risk transfer offers the industry’s most digitally advanced, A+rated policy coverage that covers costs, loss, and liability. We provide easy access to your policy via our AI-powered platform integrated with actionable cyber hygiene protocols. Our dynamic risk transfer model allows our clients to qualify for improved coverage, limits, and retention based on ongoing engagement. We also offer a streamlined application process that helps our clients to skip the lengthy renewal application process and instead submit an abbreviated attestation confirming any updated firmographic data, no past losses, and no significant operational changes during the policy period.

Cyber Advocacy Program

Resilience’s network of experts goes beyond our in-house teams. We offer expert-curated resources to help educate clients on best cyber risk management practices, paired with guides detailing your industry’s principal cyber threat actors, loss scenarios, and lessons from peers’ experiences. We offer tailored and detailed incident response protocols and lifecycle management plans to help identify the key people, processes, and milestones needed to build your response and recovery strategies before, during, and post-incident.

The Resilience Solution is now available for primary and excess clients via three packages based on your client’s needs.  Each tier of our solution offers increasing levels of advanced cybersecurity capabilities, visibility into your risk profile, cyber risk quantification and modeling, and third-party risk management capabilities augmented by an easy-to-use digital portal.

  • Essential: Comprehensive cyber insurance connected with advanced cybersecurity
  • Edge: One place to track, translate, and transfer your cyber risk + all features of Essential
  • Enterprise: Tailored risk management for your cyber complexity + all features of Edge

Over the last several years, Resilience has delivered the most innovative cyber insurance solution for middle to large enterprises, setting the pace for the entire industry. This new solution builds on that foundation to help companies balance and prioritize their cyber risk acceptance, mitigation, and transfer to become cyber resilient.

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