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Over the last several years, you’ve been with us as Resilience has delivered the most innovative and advanced cyber insurance solution, setting the pace for the entire industry. We thank you deeply for that partnership as we continue to work together to make your clients Cyber Resilient.

Now, building on that successful foundation, Resilience is thrilled to introduce today a transformative new integrated cyber risk solution to help our customers – your clients – better assess, measure, and manage their cyber risk in an integrated and economically efficient manner.

Our goal with this new solution launch is to offer customers a significantly easier and more effective way to look at their cyber risk holistically and break down the silos across risk, cybersecurity, and financial leaders that currently govern cyber insurance and cybersecurity decisions at enterprises today.

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Resilience Claims Service (UK)

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Threatonomics: Trends & Insights from Resilience

A Partnership Approach to Cyber Risk

Resilience offers security professionals a partnership approach that extends beyond the capabilities of conventional cyber risk offerings. While our clients are experts in their own cybersecurity, we offer them access to a community of experts in the fields of risk quantification, cyber insurance, legal communications, compliance, and more.

Five Predictions on the State of Cyber Claims in 2024

Unravel the complexities of cyber risk with the 2023 Mid-Year Claims Report by Resilience. Dive into our analysis and predictions for the cyber insurance industry in 2024, including the pivotal role of AI and regulatory changes.

Knowing Your Risk Surface: A Risk-Focused Approach to Incident Response

After decades of more damaging and less predictable cyber attacks, modern cybersecurity practitioners have recognized the critical need to incorporate more risk-based approaches to their planning efforts. However, despite the continuing advances within the cybersecurity field, analytics firms are noting record years for cybercriminals and breaches against some of the most well-defended organizations in the […]

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