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Why Enterprises Need More Than Insurance

The Resilience Solution contains security visibility, cyber risk quantification, and insurance working together in an integrated manner. This approach helps clients deal with cyber as both a technical and a financial challenge.

Resilience’s NetDiligence Beverly Hills 2023 Recap

NetDiligence’s Cyber Risk Summits have become a staple of networking and mindshare for the entire cyber insurance industry. This year, Resilience led over a half dozen of our own events to share research on changing cybercrime trends, rising threats to and from third-party vendors, and how new GenAI-based strategies could be leveraged by cybercriminals.

Third-Party Breaches: Risk in the Supply Chain

Managing third-party risk requires an in-depth understanding of your vendor network and its security. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, meaning to defend your entire attack surface, you must ensure all your vendors share your values when it comes to robustly managing cyber risk. 

Cyber Resilience Must Do More

Most cyber insurance policies are issued after a one-time consultation with a risk manager, with questions answered by a security director and pricing based on industry benchmarking. Resilience takes a continuous approach to underwriting to adjust coverage based on improvements in the client’s security infrastructure.

The Value of Risk-Driven Compliance

Cyber risk is too complex to manage exclusively through compliance. While being compliant strengthens your security infrastructure, only implementing the legally required baseline of security or insurance is ultimately ineffective in managing cyber risk. Solely filling legal requirements is what Resilience security and insurance experts call compliance-driven risk. Though technically acceptable, a compliance-driven mindset leaves […]

Building a Budget and Network for Resilience

Resilience’s cyber risk management solution empowers security leaders to communicate risk transfer and mitigation objectives to financial leadership effectively. Enhanced data visibility and a network of external experts provided through our Cyber Advocacy program offer the expertise that CISOs, IT teams, and other cyber security leadership need to advocate for their budget and strategy.

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