Episode #1: Superforecasting Cyber

Jack Jones and Doug Hubbard explain how to measure what matters on the new frontier of risk management.

by Richard Seiersen , Chief Cyber Resilience Officer

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Episode #1: Superforecasting Cyber

The CISO is confronting countless “swords of damocles.” Each one seems critical. Each one is waiting to drop on their head. Their job is to eliminate those risks before they drop. Unfortunately, security is expensive and budgets are limited. Where to start when you only get to pick one, two, or three things to mitigate out of dozens of possibilities? The straight forward answer is, “Just shoot for getting the biggest bang for you’re buck!” This is easier said than done. The risk of some yet to happen event causing real impact is highly uncertain. The value of security control in mitigating those risks are also uncertain. And, the range of impacts that can occur add more fuel to the fire of uncertainty. This podcast bring the foremost thinkers on modeling cyber risk together – to discuss modern approaches for measuring risk and deciding on the best way forward economically. Meaning, the best way forward in terms of both cost as risk reduction.

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