Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cyber Resilience?

Cyber Resilience focuses on quantifying cyber exposure and prioritizing strategic objectives that matter most to limiting financial loss from a cyber incident. As opposed to traditional cybersecurity approaches, cyber resilience focuses on how business opportunity and risk mitigation work together and support making informed trade-offs when necessary. We have seen how these alignment of objectives can help organizations greatly reduce to exposure to extortion attempts and reduce total costs of incidents when implemented correctly.

How does the Resilience Solution simplify the renewal process?

By continuously engaging with our team throughout the term of their Edge subscription, the client can skip the lengthy renewal application process and instead submit an abbreviated attestation confirming any updated firmographic data, no past losses, and no significant operational changes during the policy period.

How does Resilience provide visibility into the client’s cyber risk?

The Resilience Solution utilizes over 180 data signals to offer clients a comprehensive risk assessment, including external attack surface exposure and self-reported information. In addition, Resilience offers continuous cyber risk assessment by integrating with 3rd party cloud services through APIs, resulting in faster and more accurate risk analysis.

What does the cyber risk solution cost?

We are pleased to offer our clients the Essential Solution at no extra charge from their insurance premium. Additionally, we offer advanced cyber risk management services through our Edge Solution, which requires an annual fee to access. These premium offerings provide exceptional value and are not included in the base package.

How difficult is this to roll out?

Resilience experts want to make this process seamless for you and your team, which is why we are available to help every step of the way. We offer comprehensive onboarding for key stakeholders, regular engagements to help enact your cyber hygiene plan, and more.

Do I really need a cyber resilience solution?

In today’s highly digital environment, building resilience against cyber threats is paramount to business success. Cyber insurance and security are no longer effective when working in silos. Connecting advanced cybersecurity visibility to enhanced and modular insurance policies via actionable cyber hygiene strategies is the strongest way to combat the complexities of cyber risk.

Can Resilience help in an emergency?

Absolutely. Our in-house claims team is available 24/7 to handle any of our clients’ cyber emergencies. If you are experiencing an incident, 1-(302) 722-7236.

Does the Resilience solution replace our existing security controls?

The Resilience solution leverages your pre-existing tools and helps identify any gaps in your current infrastructure. Our expert’s goal is to help you quantify the return on investment of your security measures and find the right balance between mitigation measures that will help you optimize your financial spending on cyber risk.